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World’s top independent local media agencies network

About Mediaxplain*

Mediaxplain* offers more success for brands and organizations through media and marketing.

We accomplish this by giving our clients control over the integrated use of all means of communication. Together we determine objectives, develop more effective and ambitious activities and stay in control over paid-, owned- and earned media. We achieve this in a disruptive way: innovative and clearly different. We’ve been doing so for 16 years and of course for seven days a week. Which to us, makes perfect sense. After all; your target audience doesn’t stop being your target during the weekends.

Our approach is thorough. We are curious, we want to know everything. Naturally we want to know all about your motivation and we analyse all data streams that form your organisation. We also dive deep in your target audience, the buyer group and their intent of purchase, which we link to their media consumption. We manage this from the start by 3 simple steps; 1) collect unique insights 2) an advanced analysis and strategy development 3) the 360 degrees implementation of this strategy.

In short, the perfect combination between logic and magic, with a strong preference for innovation and pioneering.

Interested? Drop by, mail or give us a call, also on Saturday or Sunday! Our contact details can be found here: http://www.mediaxplain.nl/contact/

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Mediaxplain* & Local Planet

Mediaxplain* is proud to be part of a new network, bringing together the world’s top independent local media agencies to create an alternative international media agency network. This network, called Local Planet, is the only owner-managed network consisting of the best-in-class independent agencies from around the world.

We are taking many of the shared principles and practices that have made each of us successful locally and applying them at an international level. It is our mission to offer clients, whether local or international, a better service in the key areas of strategy, value, transparency, technology and talent than they get from the big groups.

Local Planet offers a global footprint including best-in-class agencies with, besides Mediaxplain*, leading agencies such as Horizon Media in the US, the7stars in the UK, pilot in Germany and Media Italia in Italy. Together we will be there for international clients who, like the local clients that have chosen us, need to do more with less, know they need to behave differently to win and value personal relationships as the key to success.

As your local agency, we are able to share learnings, best practices and innovation with the best local agencies in the world so we can continue to improve our service to you moving forward.


Key facts about Local Planet

1. Local Planet is the only privately owned international media network with a unique financial structure with all of its agency partners, all of whom have committed their own money and/or equity stake into the venture. 

2. Made up of the fastest growing media independent agencies globally, including Horizon Media (the largest and fastest growing media independent in the world) and the7stars (the UK’s largest and most awarded independent and celebrated media agency).

3. Currently consists of more than 40 markets globally. The number of agencies joining Local Planet is growing rapidly, with many independent agencies choosing Local Planet over the established large networks.

4. Local Planet currently has access to over 3,000 employed specialists globally.

5. Local Planet has a number of multi-market, international clients.  These include but are not limited to: Capital One, Nike, IKEA, Viacom, Pfizer, H&M, Supercell, and Kayak.

6. Local Planet’s prides itself on having an agnostic position when it comes to offering clients technical solutions, media and data partnerships. The objective is to create tailored digital solutions for clients using the best solutions in market (rather than coerce clients into using the agency’s solution).